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Re: [NTO] Staying On the Forum

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  • Jody
    Hi Phil, ... Either you or I took Bill the wrong way. I thought he was being sarcastic myself. ... It is best you didn t less we really had a flaming war
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 28, 2000
      Hi Phil,

      >At least Bill had the GUTS to use the forum for his bits.

      Either you or I took Bill the wrong way. I thought he was being
      sarcastic myself.

      >As far as the others, they know what I would answer them. I will
      >NOT. I was going to put their emails on this forum, but decided
      >there might be legal ramifications.

      It is best you didn't less we really had a flaming war going.
      However the dirtbags were who sent the private eMail to you I
      personally would just assume see them sign themselves off the
      list. I cannot tell people what they do own their own time, but
      I'd think you certainly would have more respect for people than
      to send them nasty eMails. I guess that just goes to show you
      how much of a low down good for nothing slimeball you are.

      >I will be here until you remove me.

      I never had any attentions on doing something like that. You did
      nothing wrong.

      >If there are rules that you have then send them to me.

      I really don't like making a bunch of rules. Just use the lists
      in the tone of a "G" rated Walt Disney movie and there won't be
      any problems. Use common curtsey, etc Netiquette if you will.
      And I do apologize to you Phil for a few of the things I said the
      other day that could have been left unsaid.

      This is the list description and welcome letter. I see I need to take out a line about "web authoring" <g>. It was a copy paste thing from the HTML group.

      The NoteTab Off-Topic List (http://www.notetab.com) is for discussion of NoteTab and other topics. As the name implies the list is purposed for discussion of issues that are considered off-topic for the regular NoteTab discussion mailing lists which see below.

      The discussion is pretty much wide open although use common courtesy and remember the NoteTab lists have people from all backgrounds so keep the discussion acceptable for the general audience.

      Examples of topics for discussion are, but certainly not limited to: NoteTab of course and all related issues, Windows, computer hardware, software such as image editors, html & text editors, word processors, Internet Service Provider (ISP), FREEWARE, SHAREWARE, etc. (I suppose some chit-chat about the weather would be acceptable from time to time.)

      Hope to see you on board! Please be sure to read the Welcome Letter if you sign on. Thank you!

      Happy Tab'n, Clip'n, &...
      Jody Adair
      Prov. 3:5-7; 4:23

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      We hope you enjoy it and find it informative as well as a place where you may have a chance to share your own compter experiences!

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      Please turn off styled text (html) before posting. Many eMail clients cannot read it.

      The discussion is to stay about NoteTab and all related issues, Windows, computer hardware, software such as image editors, html & text editors, word processors, Internet Service Provider (ISP), FREEWARE, SHAREWARE, etc.

      Discussion about NoteTab should be done in relation to web authoring. There are other Fookes' Email Lists for NoteTab and other products to join as well. (See below.)

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      Jody Adair

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