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991Enquiry about ProRef

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  • debsmail@ihug.com.au
    Sep 24, 2000
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      I use NotetabStandard and while investigating Eric Fookes site
      noticed ProRef - an access based bibliography manager. I tried it
      once before and couldn't get it to work - the first form has four
      choices - I can open the sample database but choosing create a new
      database has not result. I downloaded again and have had no more

      I know that it is not a supported software but I don't know enough
      VBA to work out what the problem is with the call on the button. I
      just thought perhaps someone else in this group may have some idea of
      what I can do.

      I already use a freeware manager but it is not compatible for
      exporting to Word (or anything much else).

      Thanks for any advice.