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9301Re: [NTO] Neo Yahoo Groups

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  • Greg Chapman
    Sep 4, 2013
      On 02 Sep 13 19:04 <silvermoonwoman@...> said:
      > Yahoo's latest Ill-conceived makeover for Groups is being rolled
      > out to unsuspecting users and its not pretty. No search, links
      > won't work, "conversations" instead of threads, lots
      > of problems, no doubt inspired by Facebook. I was hit by the update
      > several days ago. Anyone else? If so you can give Yahoo feedback
      > here http://yahoo.uservoice.com/forums/209451


      Just had my first message in the Basic List for a few days!

      It's arrived as an HTML message.

      How do I get my "Traditional" mail back again, without all the
      bandwidth-wasting HTML garbage that won't display in my Plain Text
      mail client. I can't find the option in the new "Neo" interface!

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