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  • Sheri
    Jun 8, 2013
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      I picked up a $200 Chromebook (Acer C710-2833) just to see how I'd like it and am surprised to say I'll probably keep it! Its like a little laptop (but it can't boot Windows). It has 2gb ram, a 16gb ssd, 3 usb ports, an ethernet port, VGA, HDMI headphone jack, camera and mic. Very fast. With some tweaking you can get it to sort of dual boot Linux. While the ChromeOS has a remote desktop app, I prefer TeamViewer which runs great under Linux with Wine. During a TeamViewer session with my Desktop computer, the Chromebook feels like a full fledged Windows system. There are a few versions of the Acer Chromebook, including one with a 320 gb HD for the same price. I chose the one with the SSD in the interest of speed and better battery life, but from what I understand the other one is also fast. There are also a few other brands and configurations. For those who already know Linux and others who don't mind learning and tweaking, I think this machine is pretty cool and quite a bargain. Even without tweaking, the ChromeOS isn't half bad as a sort of netbook. Has anyone else tried one?