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9268Re: [NTO] Looking for OPINIONS!!!

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  • hsavage
    Nov 30, 2012
      On 11/30/2012 6:55 PM, Axel Berger wrote:
      > hsavage wrote:
      >> to Windows 8. Question is, would this be a worthwhile upgrade?
      >> Opinions solicited!
      > My opinion can, I think, be taken as given, so let's stick to facts.
      > With all it is supposed to do in the background, won't it need more
      > memory than your machine can take and make it excruciatingly slow? Can
      > you try before you pay?
      > Axel


      My XP has, what is called, 2 gb of ram. The main reason I don't have
      more is that a computer tech told me XP can't access more, at least,
      efficiently. I haven't had the cover off for a while but I know there's
      room for more ram if needed.

      Thanks for the reply.

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