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9251Momentary Hangups

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  • Ray Shapp
    Nov 22, 2012
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      To All,

      My secondary PC has momentary hangups that last for a few seconds to
      several minutes. I have Task Manager continuously open and displaying CPU
      usage sorted with greatest user at the top of the list, but it doesn't show
      any process using an inordinate amount of time. The greatest time consumer
      is "System Idle Process" at about 95 to 99 percent. No process ties up more
      than 700MB or 800MB of memory. I also observe the disk drive in-use monitor
      light on the system unit and it shows only a few very short blips during
      both normal and hung-up operations.

      The PC isn't fully frozen during these hangups. The mouse is still active
      and I am able to change state of the Num Lock key, but I can't navigate
      within Windows Explorer or launch any applications or change views within
      them. Even Free Cell pauses.

      The machine contains 2.40 gigahertz Intel Core2 Quad processor and 3 gigs
      of DIMM memory running WinXP SP3 with all updates current. I have done a
      recent CHKDSK and a disk defrag. Microsoft Security Essentials updates
      every day and runs a full scan on all disks without reporting any malware.

      All operations on this computer appear to execute without errors. The only
      problem is the momentary pauses.

      Any ideas what is causing these hangups? Any further troubleshooting ideas?

      Thank you.

      Ray Shapp

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