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9245Re: [NTO] Do I have a 64 bit system?

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  • loro
    Oct 6, 2012
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      Alex Plantema wrote:
      >The 64 bit version of Windows XP was introduced much later than the
      >32 bit version,
      >there is only a professional version and only in English, and 64 bit
      >drivers were hardly available.
      >So it was actually of limited use.
      >This was also a problem for Vista, its successor.

      Aha, Home is always 32 bit. That explains things. I actually chose
      that myself, because of the price difference, but it was also what
      the guy suggested. English is good though. I had to fight to get
      Windows in English too (he couldn't find the English CD). I hate
      dealing with two languages at the same time and also that keyboard
      shortcuts differ depending on the language of the program I use, so I
      get everything in English.

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