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9242Re: [NTO] Do I have a 64 bit system?

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  • loro
    Oct 6, 2012
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      Thank you, guys. Now I know what I have.

      I'm a little angry with my computer guy who sold me a 32 bit OS, but
      in reality it doesn't matter very much. I have this very nice little
      shop nearby where they build computers to your specification. The
      owner is great. Puts a lot of time on it and if you aren't updated on
      hardware, like me, he finds out for what you use the computer and
      what you might use it for in the future and suggests the appropriate
      parts. Never tries to sell you something you don't need. I actually
      had to argue to get as large hard drives as I wanted, he thought less
      would do. I could probably get a machine a little cheaper if I looked
      for bargains, but not with the sense of security and satisfaction it
      gives me to shop at this place. This is actually the first thing I'm
      not totally pleased with - and it took me years to discover it, so no
      regrets. The first machine I've been really pleased with, so I think
      I'll forgive him.

      Thanks again
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