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9210Alternative CHM readers

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  • loro
    Feb 22, 2012
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      I found a very simple PDF reader, actually too simple for my taste.
      But, it also reads CHM files and it has what looks like nicer
      bookmarking feature than the default viewer (you can have the
      bookmarks visible all the time in a docked window). I haven't tried
      it much yet but find it nice enough. Anyway, it's small, it's free as
      in Open Source, it can be installed as a standalone app and it's
      better than the MS viewer.

      Maybe there are lots of alternate CHM viewers, it has never occurred
      to me to look for such a thing before. Encouraged by my first finding
      I searched a little and quickly found kchmviewer. It's larger but
      also OS and it has - tabs! I.e. you can have several pages open at
      once and flip between them. Yummy!

      Just sharing.
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