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9207Re: [NTO] Huge File Size in MS Word

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  • Adrien Verlee
    Feb 17, 2012
      Op 17/02/2012 15:46, Axel Berger schreef:

      > this nasty limit). Word also has the full image, but withholds it from

      One: you can ask to save in rtf (I think this should be smaller);
      Two: Why not ask to learn Markdown, and from markwdown to html.

      > and how it is offered to him, he has my full sympathy. I'm glad I'm no
      > longer editing the local liberal party bulletins.

      It is an organisational problem. You make the criteria, otherwise no

      ... but yes... I'm wonder how many people know, these days, what - for
      example - plain text is.
      I can say thoussand times: no html-mail, they still sending it.
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