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9201Re: [NTO] Huge File Size in MS Word

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  • Axel Berger
    Feb 17, 2012
      Ray Shapp wrote:
      > I examined all the graphics. A total of 25 graphics use only 376KB.

      Word hides things from you. I copied the astronomy picture from the
      title page out of the Word from Office 2003 and it seems to be (not
      quite) 300 by 300 pixels. Printing from Word using the Acrobat PDF
      writer from Acrobat 5.0 (full version, not reader) the image gets
      brokem. Saving as Word 97 yields 46 MB, saving as Open Office 2.4 ODT
      yields 19 MB. The sizes of the two PDF, Acrobat from Winword and export
      from OpenOffice are 5.5 and 6.5 MB.

      In both cases the astronomy picture, extracted with pdfimages, is 4000 x
      4000 pixels, the broken one 4.5 MB and the correct one 5.5 MB as Jpeg 90

      So that picture on the title page is a) huge and b) probably encoded in
      a funny way that OpenOffice can deal with and Acrobat can't. I've no
      idea why Word hides the true size from us, but I'm not surprised. Seems
      like copying from Word gives you not what's in there but only the
      current screen resolution.

      PDF export from Office 24 with image reduction to 300 dpi and embedding
      as Jpeg 90% yields a file of 1.4 MB. As often happens the import from
      word is not perfect, the page break after page one is broken and I have
      not bothered to repair that.

      Thanks for confirming all my prejudices about Microsoft Word again. A
      fellow student of mine took over a week to convert her finished, printed
      and accepted master theses to PDF as requested by the professor and that
      PDF too does very funny things with the emebedded images.


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