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9160Re: [NTO] "Description" for unix file listings

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  • Al
    Oct 27, 2011
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      AFAIK, whenever you have not uploaded a file named index.htm or
      index.html to that particular folder on a web server, it is up to the
      admin of the server as to what or if anything at all other than the
      admin's placeholder will display when a folder (as per your http url
      below) is the entry in the address field of a web browser.

      You might ask on the ntb-html or whatever the html email list is.

      But you said Unix, (not http [like Apache] web server) but you
      simultaneously shared an http url -- thus as to what I shared above I'm
      not certain it's the particular case scenario that you seek in this
      case. | Alan.
      > How does one create a "Description" which will be shown for a particular
      > file/folder?
      > -Mike
      > ====
      > Index of /1980/dasher_reports
      > (http://epicroadtrips.us/1980/dasher_reports/)
      > Name Last modified Size Description
      > [DIR] Parent Directory 27-Oct-2011 07:27 -
      > [ ] 2011 NSS Convention.pdf 27-Oct-2011 07:26 5.2M
      > [ ] NYC 2010 two.pdf 27-Oct-2011 07:26 2.5M
      > [ ] Vermont 2010 two.pdf 27-Oct-2011 07:26 2.1M
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