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9156Re: [NTO] Force mono sound from both speakers

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  • loro
    Sep 18, 2011
      Axel wrote:
      >loro wrote:
      > > I'd be happy if stereo sound never came out of my speakers again,
      >In that case you may be looking in the wrong place. Under
      >Control Panel -> Multimedia -> Audio -> Playback -> Advanced
      >(this for Win98)
      >you get a choice for "speaker setup". My standard is "desktop stereo
      >speakers" but there is also a "laptop mono speakers" setting. I'm not
      >really sure what it does, but might be worth a try. It seems there are
      >individual settings for devices, in my case three, line out jack, USB
      >soundcard, and routed through Totalrecorder.

      Been there, done that. Sound goes bad or disappears if your choice
      doesn't match the actual device, at least for me. Don't know, maybe
      I'll just buy something like the below that's supposed to do the
      trick. It's just that I've gotten into my head there should be
      another and quicker way.

      I'd like one of those for my mp3 player anyway. Mine has a built in
      radio receiver and I can set that to mono, but no such option for
      mp3. This is even more irritating when you use earphones actually. I
      mostly use my mp3 player on walks. I don't like to be totally cut off
      from the surrounding sounds, so using just one ear plug is nice, but
      then you only get half of the songs!

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