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9154Re: [NTO] Force mono sound from both speakers

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  • Dave
    Sep 18 6:21 AM
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      download "foobar 2000" it is free ,go to preferences\playback\DSP
      Managers\dowmix channels to mono and apply every thing will be mono.

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      From: "loro" <tabbie@...>
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      Sent: Sunday, September 18, 2011 5:41 AM
      Subject: [NTO] Force mono sound from both speakers

      > Hi,
      > Is there a setting somewhere to disable stereo sound but still have
      > the sound coming from both speakers? Or if not, do you know of a
      > player that can do it? I've heard there are hardware solutions, but
      > let's keep it simple.
      > VLC Media Player has a setting: Audio Device [stereo|mono]. That does
      > what I want, but I have to make the choice for each track, so not optimal.
      > If someone wonders why I want to do this, the truth is I never liked
      > stereo. I don't think it sounds natural. But I do like that the sound
      > gets more "body" from two speakers than from one... Now I've got hold
      > of some old jazz records that I once owned on vinyl. Obviously the
      > originals were mono since there was no stereo back then, but when
      > they make new releases they often create an odd fake stereo effect,
      > by filtering out single instruments I suppose and sending them left
      > or right. Horrible it is. Boohoo.
      > TIA
      > Lotta
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