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9144Re: [NTO] Help! Can't log in.

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  • hsavage
    Sep 10 6:04 PM
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      On 9/10/2011 1:12 PM, Al wrote:
      > Axel Berger wrote:
      >> Al wrote:
      >>> I concluded the yahoo servers are whacky. Hope it gets better,
      >> With the new login form insisting on some "full ID", while all I've got
      >> is what could be called a short ID, I didn't quite believe you, but you
      >> were right after all. Today they let me in, smiling as if no
      >> misunderstanding had ever existied.
      > Aha. I see.
      > Servers with intermittent delusions, perhaps?
      > BTW I didn't yet try to notify them of the incident. But, the more
      > people who do so, the higher the likelihood that they'll do something to
      > rectify it.
      > So, would whoever discovers the Yahoo "reporting page" to report
      > incidents like this, would that person please share the www page address
      > or url here so as to make it easier for others of us to notify Yahoo of
      > this problem? Thank you.

      Al, all,

      The extreme bottom link on every list message;

      will lead you to this link and it appears you'll eventually be able
      to report trouble.


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