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9138Re: [NTO] Help! Can't log in.

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  • Al
    Sep 8, 2011
      FWIW a member of ntb-linux yahoogroup a few weeks ago reported prob
      logon to yahoogroups. That member got on using MSIE web browser whereas
      Firefox the yahoogroups logon didn't like.

      I myself also had logon failure of yahoogroups a few weeks ago.

      After my 8 to 10 repeated logon failures and search for lost password
      (but I already had the correct password) it then for no reason, and with
      no correction, and mysteriously, it logged on. This was using an older
      firefox on Linux.

      Due that for no reason it accepted what it had repeatedly rejected I
      concluded the yahoo servers are whacky. Hope it gets better, not worse.

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