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9137Re: [NTO] problems with domain being flagged as spam source

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  • Al
    Sep 8, 2011
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      Axel Berger wrote:
      > Mike Breiding - Morgantown WV wrote:
      >> most of the recipients on my list have not heard of
      >> and do not know what RSS is.
      > It is no full substitute anyway. If I were a recipient, I'd want to
      > filter your posts into a separate folder and keep them in my mailbase. I
      > can only read RSS in a browser and archiving is no realistic option. RSS
      > is a nice heads-up for changes on blogs and websites but no alternative
      > to lists or mail.

      Receive your rss as email: (have your cake and eat it too)


      rss also is for "news" ie get news delivered right to your desktop.
      (akin to a news channel). Does he not email out "news" concerning
      recent/new epic road trips?

      A Google search of "rss versus email":


      I've used some of what are called rss client / rss reader on Linux (they
      have 'em for Windows too) that behave very much akin to a powerful email
      program or application. These can filter into other folder and kept in
      article base (just like mail base, news base, or whatever you want to
      call it). These be full blown, state of the art, rss client / rss reader

      As far as I can see, rss never caught on -- like as in why should
      Windows users buy an rss reader (many, perhaps most, won't) -- like as
      in people resist change. Linux has some nice full blown and free and
      very powerful rss reader. But my guess be not enough people using Linux
      though I use it.


      The next quote copy/pasted from near the bottom of the article at above url

      <quote>Keep either Email or RSS out of your marketing toolbox and you're
      losing out on a significant portion of your audience.

      RSS has other advantages that email does not have - like being able to
      syndicate your content across the web. It can be a very useful tool for
      building link popularity - if you do it right.

      As a marketer you do need to start brushing up on your knowledge of RSS
      and a good place to start is here:</quote>

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