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9112Re: [NTO] Please vote to help wildlife

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  • Axel Berger
    May 25, 2011
      Mick Housel wrote:
      > I personally don't think that others
      > that choose to participate should be slighted for that.

      I absolutely agree. Nearly all my family is in there, which is why I had
      joined and been a member for something over half a year or longer. But I
      decided it's just not for me. My answer was not to slight participants,
      but just to say that i normally would have helped Sheri's cause but in
      this ase I can't.

      The other reactions confirm, why it is that I feel so much at home and
      with friends in this group of non-WYSIWYG pure text editor users. Some
      things are just not meant for us.

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