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9096Re: Reply to members, was: [NTO] parts of an inch

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  • Axel Berger
    May 14 11:12 PM
      Harold Noffke wrote:
      > Delivery to the following recipients failed.
      > absalom_nemini@...
      > What am I still doing wrong?

      I've no idea, frankly. How did you come up with that address? I have
      just tried it out. Viewing a message I see the sender's truncated
      address to the right of it, which in my case begins with Axel-Berger@...
      At the top there is a reply button and you can choose between "to
      group", "to sender", and "to group owner". Choosing the second you still
      won't see the full address but the message will go out. I just tried
      sending one each to you and to me and mine worked.

      At first I thought it must be my mistake. I did use the Absalom
      pseudonym once and at first did enter one such address into Yahoo, but
      it never ever was a yahoo.com address. It doesn't exist and as far as I
      can remember (may be faulty) it never did. How did you come by that

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