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9090Re: [NTO] parts of an inch

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  • loro
    May 12, 2011
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      Harold Noffke wrote:
      >You can download Loupe from http://members.aol.com/GreggBraun/HomePage.htm.
      >If you have trouble from this site, I'll be happy to email a .zip file to
      >you, if you will just send me your personal email address.

      Thanks Harold, but I actually have it already. The measuring isn't
      the problem really, I can do it on paper, it's just that the sizes in
      their tables don't add up. I need to talk to them anyway since there
      are other things I want to ask so I'll let them sort it out.

      >How you get my personal address on this public website is another issue.
      >I've no experience emailing person-to-person in NoteTab's forums, so beyond
      >officially authorizing you to have my address I am clueless.

      The original sender's email address is in the headers if you can make
      them visible in your email program.

      Lotta AKA Yeti
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