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9088Re: [NTO] parts of an inch

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  • loro
    May 12, 2011
      Axel Berger wrote:
      >loro wrote:
      > > Here is the table and the n/0 construct occurs several times.
      >I've solved it, and this actually makes us on-topic again. Those clowns
      >have specified a width and height slightly off from the true dimensions
      >of the image. What you see are scaling artefacts. If you right-click
      >and view image you'll find, that what's actually meant here are eighths.

      By Jove, you are right! Never occurred to me as I see perfectly
      shaped zeros. Maybe I should stop cursing over these stupid American
      measurements then. ;-o)
      I'll tell them about this when I mail them.

      Dave wrote:
      >use the footwear sizing chart it has both cm and in ,get a real ruler check
      >before you print.

      I would, but it's only for kids. I've drawn the contour of my foot on
      a paper, but according to their conversion table I'm an European 40 -
      41 and I'm not, more like 38 - 39. Maybe I convert to the wrong kind
      of inches. On the other hand the footprint on the paper does look
      like the Yeti had put its paw on it... Better talk to them.

      Many thanks!
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