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9084Re: [NTO] parts of an inch

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    May 12, 2011
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      Harold Noffke wrote:
      >I don't know where your numbers came from, because they are probably not
      >numbers -- just symbolic representations of same. If you are working a
      >spreadsheet, check the data typing to be sure you are working with
      >"numbers", if that is your intent, rather than "text" or "symbols". I've
      >encountered similar befuddlements in MS Excel work, and the reason is always
      >that I've formatted cells with the wrong data type.

      Sorry, I should have said what it was from start, but I thought the
      notation would be obvious to you guys. It's actually in a table of
      shoe sizes and you are supposed to measure the length of your feet.
      I'll mail them before I order, but I wanted find out what I could on
      my own first. Here is the table and the n/0 construct occurs several times.

      And yeah, you may laugh at the thought of me in one of those mocs.
      I'm experiencing feet bliss here since I started to use minimalist
      shoes AKA as barefoot shoes (no supporting padding, thin soft soles
      and flat as slices of bread). I've thrown all my orthopedically
      correct shoes with support in every possible place away. It's scary
      how easily we are tricked into believing we need this or that... The
      shoes I've already got still look like shoes though, but now I'm
      ready to try these. Geronimo!

      Note: If you laugh more than a minute I will haunt you, wearing my
      mocs of course. ;-)

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