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9067Re: [NTO] scanning format

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  • Axel Berger
    Mar 17, 2011
      Dave wrote:
      > If you check most documents you have OCR'ed they will be TIF,
      > the images are usually the way the owner want them saved in
      > B/W or COLOUR.

      Dave, I'm not sure what you are saying here, but I guess you're talking
      about graphics extracted from PDFs, where the OCRed text is behind the
      page image. If so I disagree. It is true that the extraction, I use
      pdfimages.exe from the XPDF package, yields uncompressed Tiffs. The
      reason seems to be simply that the act of reading (and displaying)
      includes the decompression already and the extractor makes do without
      the extra complication of a compression step (rightly so, one task, one

      But in all the PDFs I generate myself I notice that there is no recoding
      but all my graphic material is included as is. Whatever I include, Jpeg
      in all kinds of quality, PNG in B/W, gray, full colour, 256 colours, 16
      colours (great for diagrams and extremely small, but makes PDF
      exceedingly slow, so I don't use it), the size of the PDF follows
      exactly the sum of the sizes of embedded graphics.

      So my guess is you are a victim of a misconception here, but I may have
      misunderstood or be wrong.

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