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9054Re: [NTO] Not sure what I'm doing

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  • Axel Berger
    Feb 12, 2011
      "kathleen.kearns" wrote:
      > the size of the file. Nearly 240 columns are in the Excel file
      > and at the moment 400 rows.

      So in database terms that's 400 entries with 240 fields each. Very
      complex entries, are you sure you can't restructure that as a relational
      database, i.e. can't some of the fields be clumped into subsets?

      > management won't spring for the program.

      That's the least of your problems, they're all free. Access to the
      database would then be through a browser, quite appropriate if, as you
      say, several people need to access and edit the same database.
      MySQL and PHP are the engine of nearly all blogs and nearly all Web 2.0
      sites, so they're highly tried and tested and free of bugs.

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