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9037Re: [NTO] Kitchen English - or metallurgy

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  • Larry Hamilton
    Jan 30, 2011
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      On Sun, Jan 30, 2011 at 5:51 AM, loro <tabbie@...> wrote:

      > Axel wrote:
      > >Don't I know it. There's a "fall of" instead of "fall off" by me in this
      > >very thread. I've done worse in official papers handed in to the
      > >university.
      > What's irritating with those small words, is that if native English
      > speakers make those mistakes it's just a typo. If we do them people
      > sometimes think we don't know the difference. ESLers make typos too.
      > Well, of outside to chase me some polar beers now. :-)
      > (Both intentional!)
      > Lotta

      Looks like your smell checker is broken. :-)

      Axel & Lotta - If I did not know you were not native English speakers, your
      fine use of English would have me fooled.

      I know a lot of Americans whose only language is English, and they don't use
      it very well. The written word seems to be the most difficult of all.

      I once saw a sign at a gas station that said. "Checks will not be excepted".
      I pointed out to the clerk that their sign meant that they take checks. She
      looked at me like I was an idiot. Some people might pronounce them the same,
      but "accepted" is the word they were after.

      I try not to overdo things like that, but a sign at a business like that
      invites comment.

      This whole iron/steel thing is interesting. The different colloquialisms
      between each English speaking country are interesting, and often
      frustrating. The company I work for is based in Canada, and I have to make
      sure I pay attention when I try to communicate with someone at corporate. I
      say holiday and mean a date on the calendar like Memorial Day or Christmas.
      They say holiday and mean vacation. I once wrote to the human resources
      department for clarification about which day the office would be closed for
      a holiday when it fell on the weekend, and they thought I was talking about
      my vacation. I am not sure how they thought that based on the context. I
      even referenced the policy manual.

      ~ Larry

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