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9031Re: [NTO] Kitchen English - or metallurgy

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  • Al
    Jan 29, 2011
      loro wrote:
      > At 00:42 2011-01-30, hsavage wrote:
      >> 'Are black iron and mild steel the same thing'
      >> This may be the case but I suspect 'black iron' may be referring to
      >> 'cast iron'.
      >> Used many years in the past and you can still buy cooking hardware
      >> made of cast iron. After much use and curing with the fats and oils
      > >from what's been cooked they usually turn deep black color.
      >> It is not the same as mild steel!
      > Nuh. Cast iron we have and I have a lot of it. I'll show you what I mean.
      > <http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B002OSFIXU/>
      It says black iron. But that pic looks like a stainless steel pan, not
      cast iron.


      That's a pic of cast iron. It gets darker in color with use. Thus (I
      think) the term black iron. These are *heavy* in weight pounds, ounces,

      Cast iron (when new or unseasoned) has a grainy appearance. It is
      porous or at least somewhat so.

      <quote>*Remember* *- Every time you cook in your cast iron frying pan,
      you are actually seasoning it again by filling in the microscopic pores
      and valleys that are part of the cast iron surface. The more you cook,
      the smoother the surface becomes!</quote>

      above quote is from the bottom of the next web page


      Next is what makes cast iron black rather than silver color.


      A different material/metal, stainless steel. but I've not heard of a
      pan referenced as mild steel (until your mention of it).

      Perhaps this is a terminology thing from different countries (as you
      referenced American versus other countries terminology).



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