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9025Re: [NTO] Kitchen English - or metallurgy

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  • loro
    Jan 29, 2011
      At 00:42 2011-01-30, hsavage wrote:
      >'Are black iron and mild steel the same thing'
      >This may be the case but I suspect 'black iron' may be referring to
      >'cast iron'.
      >Used many years in the past and you can still buy cooking hardware
      >made of cast iron. After much use and curing with the fats and oils
      >from what's been cooked they usually turn deep black color.
      >It is not the same as mild steel!

      Nuh. Cast iron we have and I have a lot of it. I'll show you what I mean.

      I can't buy form there though. Amazon marketplace doesn't ship
      kitchen stuff outside U.K. :-(
      I could buy from amazon.com where they are sold by amazon itself, but
      the U.S. pans are more expensive (but may be better) and more
      importantly, they aren't that nicely rounded between the bottom and
      the side. And I risk custom fees. At amazon.com they have the
      courtesy to call it carbon steel and that I understand. ;-)

      So, I google trying to find a British supplier that ships abroad and
      doesn't charge an arm and a leg for it. I find pans looking very
      similar if not identical to the one in the amazon picture. At some
      places they say it's black iron and at some they call it mild steel.

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