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9007Re: [NTO] Paul McFedries

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  • Axel Berger
    Dec 11, 2010
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      jeff wrote:
      > People get addicted
      > It invades the entire life of those into it.
      > I only use them to keep contact with my
      > genealogical extended family.

      I fully agree. I used to be a menber for a short time, as some in my
      family don't do blogs and sometimes post interesting accounts and
      pictures there but I cancelled it - the drawbacks far outweighed all the

      I see similarities in other things. My daughter had a mobile phone when
      in first grade of primary school, a basic one to make calls with. She
      never had a gameboy or playstation, at least not from me or with my
      consent. My nephew, who is a successful professor, gave his daughter an
      Iphone at about the same age but forbade her to use the phone. How silly
      is that?

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