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8999Re: [NTO] Text file differences - what's going on?

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  • Alec Burgess
    Dec 2, 2010
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      On 2010-12-02 21:36, loro wrote:
      > Al wrote:-)
      > >After googling [EF BB BF] and reading
      > >http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Byte_order_mark it appears that presence of
      > >the byte order mark is supposed to be optional in UTF-8 files (and
      > >deprecated).
      > FYI my copy of PSPad opens both files without problems. The hex view
      > doesn't show me the BOM though, the files look identical. I haven't
      > upgraded in while, let's see, version 4.3.0 (1971).
      Thanks for checking ... my version was 4.5.1 and I updated to latest
      stable 4.5.4 (There is a 4.5.5 beta available)
      I hadn't realized ... didn't check ...
      PSPad will add three Explorer context menu options: PSPad/PSPad Hex
      View/PSPad Text Diff
      I get the "Can not open file art_bad.html" error *ONLY* when I try to
      open art_bad.html from the context menu [PSPad Hex View]

      After opening the files in PSPad normally and then use View-Hex Edit Mode:
      art_bad.html (w/o Byte order mark)
      - shows in Status bar: Code page: ANSI (Windows) and shows first byte as
      3C (the '<' in "<?xml version='1")

      art_good.html (with Byte order mark)
      - shows in Status bar: Code page: UTF-8 and shows the first four bytes
      as FFFE 3C00 with first two chars: 'ÿþ<' in "ÿþ<?xml v" where the funny
      character 'ÿþ' is (I guess) UTF-8 FFFE
      - This doesn't appear to have any direct relation to the byte order mark
      [EF BB BF] and who knows why its being shown that way. :-)

      When I use Alex's "trick" and open art_good.html, delete all text and
      save as either BOM_only.txt or BOM_only.html then PSPad shows both files
      as Code page: ANSI (Windows) with contents "" and in hex the
      expected "EFBB BF".

      I've been learning way more about this stuff than I ever really wanted !!

      I'll probably post a question/bug-report with PSPad and ask on X1 forums
      if this "bug?" has been corrected in later versions of X1 and beg for an
      updated copy.

      So far only 593 of 251,287 cables have been made available on
      http://cablegate.wikileaks.org/ with torrent link:
      and I gather from the media I've got a couple of weeks to figure out how
      to search them when eventually released.

      One more data point: HippoEDIT was the giveawayoftheday a couple of
      weeks ago ... when I open art_bad.html in it the file is immediately
      flagged as modified - haven't checked, but guess that if I save it the
      BOM will have been inserted a la Notepad.

      Regards ... Alec (buralex@gmail& WinLiveMess - alec.m.burgess@skype)
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