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8991Re: [NTO] back-up program

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  • Axel Berger
    Nov 27, 2010
      Adrien Verlee wrote:
      > is there a back-up program - so
      > far I didn't found it - that allow to boot from the back-up.

      Assuming you are running eXPerimental or up you are ridiculously limited
      in what you can do. You can't copy system files while the computer is
      running (and obvioulsy not while it's not, so you're stuck). Assuming
      you have FAT32 partitions, not NTFS, you could boot Win98 and use that
      to mirror the system partition. You will then just have to swap drives
      to go.

      In fact that's what I do. I always have two drives with two primary
      partitions under Win98, so they become C: and D:. My system partion is
      E: and I have a small drive with just one primary partition as backup.
      Inserted as second drive it becomes D:, and, with W98 not restricting
      what I can do as much as the newer Big Brother OSs, I can copy all of E:
      to D:. Should serious trouble arise, I just insert that backup drive as
      a third drive, have it become E:, boot from there, and do any repairs

      For that alone, my system partition stays FAT32 even under XP, although
      there I do use NTFS for huge data partitions.

      You can use proprietary special software to achieve the same aim, but it
      will never be as clear and straightforward as the simple solution. In
      general you can always achieve more, if you understand what you are

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