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8968Re: [NTO] Next peculiar computer problem

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  • loro
    Nov 17, 2010
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      At 13:15 2010-10-06, Lotta wrote:
      > I soon
      >realized though there was a delay before the computer let itself be
      >powered on after the hit the main switch that lets power on to all my
      >gear. This waiting time steadily increases. To begin with it was some
      >10 seconds, now it's up in close to 15 minutes.

      I just wanted to say thank you to those who helped and let you know
      your suggestion about a bad power supply was right.

      I of course procrastinated. At last the time lapse was at least half
      an hour. Then I stopped to switch off the main power at night and the
      computer powered up quickly every mornings, which let me
      procrastinate some more. Yesterday I switched off the main power by
      mistake and after that the computer didn't want to power up at all,
      no matter how long I waited. So today I did what you told me and
      bought a new power supply and everything is dandy.

      Happy happy! :-)
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