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  • Ray Shapp
    Nov 7, 2010
      To NoteTab OT folks,

      Can anyone recommend a tool that I can make available on the website of an
      astronomy club which will help any member who is organizing an event to
      manage a task list for that event?

      As the web guy for the club, I have been asked to post some kind of
      interactive tool which will help the club member who is in charge of the
      event to do his/her job more easily and more completely. For example, in
      addition to providing a check list for such items as "what, where, when,
      why, and who", it should remind the person that, for off-site events, our
      club may need to provide our own AV equipment, electrical power (power
      extension cords, batteries & inverter), table, chairs, paper pad, pens &
      pencils, etc. Other common items are the club banner, posters, hard copy
      flyers, brochures, application forms, business cards, sale items like hats,
      tee shirts, books, star charts, calendars, magazine subscriptions.

      The organizer needs to coordinate with the host venue for their internal
      publicity, for scheduled access and pre-registration requirements. The
      organizer needs to coordinate with me for posting details on our website, to
      the club person who writes news releases, to our publicity chair who
      maintains contacts with local news outlets, to a cadre of our members who
      are trained in the use of the club's telescopes and to members who might
      operate their own telescopes at the venue.

      We routinely do weekly public talks and star parties in our own observatory
      which don't require any special organization. About six to eight times a
      year we do special events at the observatory, and we do another 40 - 50
      events off-site. Many off-site events are recurring like solar viewing at a
      nature center when the weather is favorable. Recurring events do't need much
      organization after initial setup.

      In a club of about 250 members, the same eight or ten people usually take
      charge of special events. The online tool may be of most help when a
      relatively inexperienced person takes on the responsibility for an event.
      Experienced organizers may not need any tool. For the beginner it may be
      adequate to post a detailed checklist as a text document which the organizer
      can download and modify as needed. For all users, any aid needs to be both
      flexible and easy to use. As an example of this latter approach, I used the
      outline feature within NoteTab when I organized the solar viewing series.
      Unfortunately, not all members own NoteTab.

      Any ideas?

      Thanks for the help.

      Ray Shapp

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