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8959Re: [NTO] serious issues for me with notetab documents - line feeds

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  • Axel Berger
    Oct 20, 2010
      Don wrote:
      > I think I found that if I file/save as/ascii it may solve the issue.
      > How do I make that my default?

      I'm not familiar with the programs you use, mine tend to be years or
      decades old. Are you sure you're not saving as HTML? That can create all
      kinds of issues.

      > the people who can't view it properly are hitting view
      > in their email software

      I don't suppose that's strictly relevant here, but I have that kind of
      issue with some HTML mails in my Netscape 4.8. When people use the
      "modern" <br /> instead of the traditional <BR> but do it wrongly
      without the space, such <br/>, then things become ugly. If they replace
      spaces with " " on top of that to enforce tabular design then I get
      one unbroken line of several hundred characters to be scrolled

      Built-in viewers can be rather brain dead. What program are you
      saving-as from?

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