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8957Re: [NTO] serious issues for me with notetab documents - line feeds

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  • Axel Berger
    Oct 20, 2010
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      Don wrote:
      > I have a text file, save it, and then when I forward it to
      > others they get one long run on line ... what gives?

      That's formatting paragraphs and leaving line breaks to the viewer or
      editor. When sending as attachment I suggest leaving things that way,
      otherwise there will be trouble whenever their line length differs from

      For the body of an email or list post I have set my mail reader to break
      my lines at 72 characters. That is short enough for most recipients to
      display them even with a few quote symbols prepended. On reception my
      reader breaks lines to window width, which typically is a bit over 80
      characters. If your recipients have not set their readers up to do that,
      it's their fault, but you can help them by making your reader break
      lines on sending. (N.B: these lines are typed to about 95 charaters
      window with and broken to 72 on sending.) I'm sure your
      Thunderbird/3.1.4 can do the same.

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