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8951Re: [NTO] looking for ebook organizer (and have great movie cataloguer) - solved

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  • Axel Berger
    Oct 11, 2010
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      loro wrote:
      > Ordering over the net is the only solution. Pretty much sucks.

      That depends. In an ideal world you're right. On the other hand, how
      much do you understand by just looking - they'll hardly let you sit down
      and use it for half an hour. And the so called Fachverkäufer (Not even
      LEO knows an equivalent term. It means knowledgeable sales person,
      educated about the stuff they sell.) are a joke or a chimera. On the net
      OTOH you do find meaningful tests and enlightening comments from actual
      users. The best thing would be to find someone who's already got one and
      ask them.

      For me a thing like that would need a screen with a size of A4, not A5
      like the ipad (they mostly quote outer size for that, not the actual
      screen). The resolution needs to be at least 768X1024 (a fax is ca.
      1600x2400) and scrolling backwards and forwards has to be quick, i.e. no
      epaper. Annotation for PDF is another must.

      I wouldn't dream of using something like for anything, books and
      magazines, that's easily available on paper. But I get very many
      scientific mags and articles from them free through the university and
      would love to be able to read them in comfort.

      I don't need gaming, browsing and whatnot - for all that a real computer
      is fine.

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