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8944Re: [NTO] looking for ebook organizer (and have great movie cataloguer) - solved

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  • loro
    Oct 9, 2010
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      Torben Joergensen wrote:
      >I am waiting for ASUS to sell their Eee Tablet in Europe (8 inch screen,
      >64 shades of grey -- half e-reader, half note taker, and 2 Mp camera). I
      >think that will be something I would be interested of maybe buying
      >depending of the price.

      I want an e-ink screen. I realized the Entaco doesn't have that
      either, luckily before I ordered one. Darn, that mini looked nice -
      and cheap. The upside is, I guess, that prizes will continue to fall.
      Come next summer, maybe they all will be more reasonably priced. She
      said hopefully.

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