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8938Re: [NTO] Next peculiar computer problem

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  • Axel Berger
    Oct 6 7:26 AM
      loro wrote:
      > It takes ages for it to power on.

      This is a simple and common problem. The regulation and switching in
      your power supply unit is powered from the seondary low-voltage side
      creating a hen and egg problem on switching on. There is a big high
      resistance resistor from the primary to the secondary side bootstrapping
      the process with a very ow current. This resistor ages and becomes

      > I have all my gear plugged into two power bars with switches,
      That proves it. In pure standby aka soft-off that part would stay
      powered. It is quite common for power supplies that have worked
      faultlessly for years not to restart after a blown fuse or a power

      This problem is supposed to be very easy to fix. In practice I have
      failed to find that resistor in faulty units and after some time have
      given up rsorting to the easy solution of getting an inexpensive (not
      outrightly cheap) new one.

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