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8923Re: [NTO] looking for ebook organizer (and have great movie cataloguer) - solved

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  • Torben Joergensen
    Oct 1, 2010
      Hi Lotta,

      Sorry for the delay. Had some important things to do.

      Lotta wrote:

      >Same as me. I also divide in fiction and non fiction and then after
      >subject for the non fiction books. I have them on a HD though. I have
      >very little need of synchronization and portability.

      I really don't need the portability, that is not the reason I keep my
      ebooks on a USB key. It just happened that I started to keep my ebooks
      on a USB key and have continued to do so. For me it is just a convenient
      way to store the books in one single place. But I have a small
      wordprocesser on the USB key as well, that can import the ODF-file if I
      need to be on the move and make some changes, print or whatever...

      >> > I am different to
      >> >everyone else I think. I convert all ebooks to RTF, which means I can
      >> >edit the file and finally save the file as an OpenOffice Write file
      >> >smaller file sizes).
      >Must be a Danish thing! ;-)

      If you want the full story, it is like this: Six months ago I didn't
      have a ebook reader, and used a ASUS 901 to read the ebooks. The 901 is
      running Linux and I needed a wordprocessor that could be used on both
      Linux and Windows. I decided on OpenOffice (was running this on Windows
      in the first place) and because I didn't like the FBreader, I just used
      OOo Writer to read the ebooks. This is why I wanted the ebooks to be in
      ODF files.

      This autumn I got the Ectaco jetLite as a gift for by birthday by my
      wife (well, I ordered and paid it myself, but it was supposed to be a
      gift from her). In Denmark it is no more than about 4-5 months ago they
      really started to sell ebook readers, but I think there are only three
      models to choose from, and I don't want any of them. I wanted the
      jetBook Lite which is running on four AA-batteries -- batteries you can
      buy everywhere if you run out of power. The jetBook Lite will easily run
      for 20-22 hours on a set of Alkaline batteries.

      I have the same way with flashlights and cameras. I want them to run on
      AA-batteries which means that I always can get batteries somewhere if I
      should run out on power. And I only need to store one size of batteries,
      that can be used in these appliances. Normally I use rechargeable NiMh
      batteries, but I can change to Alkaline if need to.

      >> >l. But you still have the problem on how to organize your ebooks.
      >Yeah, and so do you from the sound of it.

      No, not really. I am quite happy to sort and store the ebooks the same
      way you do. Normally I only read a book once, and I know most of the
      ebooks I have are mystery or espionage so often I just choose a book
      randomly that I will start to read. I have to say that I don't buy
      ebooks. As you probably know they are quite expensive to buy in Denmark.
      Many ebooks are twice the price of the same pbook! There are so many
      ebooks you can have for free, right? If there are some special books
      that I am very interested in I will normally buy the pbook, preferably
      on sale if possible.

      >> > Have you got any new thoughts
      >> >about how you would like to catalogue your ebooks?
      >For me it's mainly that I'd like to extract the cover, if available,
      >and retrieve info about the book from some online database. I want a
      >browsable catalogue with details that makes the book more
      >recognizable to my feeble mind. The title isn't always enough. The be
      >able to mark books as read, not owned but on the wish list and things
      >like that would be nice and so would the possibility to add notes.
      >Filter or sort by author, subject and so on. In fact I want exactly
      >what Personal Video Database is but for books.
      >I've tried a few others, but at best they handled English books.
      >Calibre did rather good with the Swedish ones I fed it.

      Still sounds to me that Calibre is the best way to go for you. However
      if I should stumble on some other program that just maybe could be of
      interest for you I will let you know.

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