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8922RE: [NTO] IE 8 display problems

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  • LaurieK
    Sep 30, 2010
      Well that's about the same scenario as when I have a large Excel and
      PowerPoint open at the same time.
      Try using less apps while you are browsing... my initial reaction or thought
      was low system resources and I stand by that ...
      Especially if you have a lot of applications open when you are browsing....


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      LaurieK wrote:

      > Another option might be to update your graphics driver....
      > It honestly looks like whatever is happening its too much for the system
      > looks like lack of resources.
      > This type of thing happens when I have large Excel Files and Power Point
      > open at the same time (doing reports and adding my charts and tables from
      > Excel to PPT)I run into system resource issues and have to reboot.
      > Its possible whatever updates or changes in IE when you updated to V8
      > be just too much for your system or may require an upgrade in your video
      > card or its drivers....
      > I'd check Toshiba's support site to see if there are updated drivers
      > available.
      > Not sure how old the computer is but if its older than 4 years old I would
      > bet (and I never bet higher than 25¢) I'd bet that quarter than IE8 may
      > require more resources than your system has available.
      > Especially if you can reboot and/or also clear cache and it resolves the
      > issue 'temporarily'.
      > Another option is to set up IE to empty the cache each time the browser is
      > closed..... It used to be an option in Internet Explorer I'm not sure if
      > is still there.

      The laptop is only a year old.
      And, I did no have the problem until I upgraded to IE 8.
      I will check for updates at Toshiba's site.

      It may just be I am taxing the system too much. I have had my space
      cluttered a bit lately with lots of open apps and large files.



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