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8896Re: Yahoo Groups down the drain?

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  • tf_ntp
    Sep 25, 2010
      My two cents:

      NoteTab users benefit from a robust user group with plenty of active participation. I have been involved since version 3 and although I don't participate as much as I did in earlier days when I was first learning clip code, I still monitor the chatter and comment when I think I may have something to contribute.

      I have never really liked Yahoo Groups. When there are problems we are always at the mercy of their repair schedule. I think it would be much better to run the groups from Fookes server as an adjunct of the main NoteTab website.

      I think a newer-tech venue would work better than the "improved BB" that is Yahoo Groups. A blog would be simple to install, access, and moderate. Or a Facebook-style format, but hosted on a server under NoteTab control. Google would include the same built-in problems as Yahoo.

      I think Twitter could be used for urgent help requests, and group members would have more choices to receive requests - even on their cell phone.

      I already get 800+ emails a day and would rather not need to use email to stay in touch with Notetab, especially when newer tech with better filters is readily available.

      I think the Messages archive now on Yahoo should be converted to be accessible and searchable from the new venue. Now would be the time to organize the old messages by NoteTab version.

      At any rate now is the time to make a change for the long term. Without direct control of the technology and content we will be changing this again and again as time passes.

      Regards to all,

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