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8894Re: [NTO] Re: Yahoo Groups down the drain?

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  • loro
    Sep 25, 2010
      Axel Berger wrote:
      >I also don't understand
      >why people don't host films they want to share themselves rather than
      >use Youtube


      A. Not everyone has a website to host them on, neither do they want one.

      B. Movies are big, take a lot of storage and transfer if they get
      popular and can't easily be blocked from hotlinking. YouTube is free
      and carefree.

      C. The viral factor. If your main goal is reach, you'll get
      thousandfold the views on YouTube than most people would on their own sites.

      D. Sharing. The easy-to-embed feature.

      But I agree with what has been said. Google has gotten too big and
      too nosy. Most annoying is that their main product, the web search,
      has become a mares nest of obscured "features" you have to opt out
      from and you can only hope to hear about them or you won't even have
      an idea they are there. For example the horrible customized search.
      Why would anyone want certain sites at the top of the search result
      just because they have clicked through to them before? Beats me.

      Regarding Yahoo! Groups, let's wait and see what happens. Most of the
      things mentioned would affect only a minor part of users.

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