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  • loro
    Sep 16, 2010
      Axel Berger wrote:
      >As I get none so far, I can only guess. I presume it is the same as what
      >facebok does, harvesting all new members' address books for addresses.

      In that case they must harvest them from list post, because I only
      get invites related to Notetab. I faintly recognized the name of one
      or two inviters, the rest are unknown to me.

      If you don't get any invites, I guess that must mean I'm popular! :-D

      Julie wrote:
      >I just ignore all the invites. People tell me it's a bad bad thing. :)

      Julie, you're badass! ;-)

      I found through this blog, http://ungrouply.wordpress.com/ , there's
      a way for group owners to block Grouply. I'm not saying you should do
      that. I don't know enough about it to have an opinion. Just passing
      on the information.
      http://blog.grouply.com/owners/ (bottom of page)

      Hope to hear something from people who actually are Grouply members.
      Maybe it's wonderful. Either way, if you want to talk to me, please
      send me a normal email. Grouply mails go to spamcop when I feel
      strong enough, otherwise they are trashed.

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