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8861Re: [NTO] Netbooks

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  • Chris Laarman
    Aug 24, 2010
      Jeffery <jeff@...> on Mon, 23 Aug 2010 08:58:45 -0700:

      >> The one remaining problem is booting from something else than the
      >> harddrive, which is possible but I don't yet know how to do it.
      >> Axel
      >Essentially the same, you can not use the provided CDs for software
      >directly. (In my case I added an external DVD-rw)

      Quite. :-)

      I'd like to add:

      Computers need to be able to boot from a device other than their
      internal hard drive(s). However, among the first things I do to a new
      computer is going into the BIOS, making sure that the first device in
      the Boot priority is that internal drive, then applying a password to
      that BIOS (to protect that setting).
      If the operating system shouldn't ask me to log in, I'd change the
      settings to make it do so.

      That way, someone not knowing my password can't use my computer in my
      absence, and has to open it in order to access it.

      Chris Laarman
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