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  • Jeffery
    Aug 23, 2010
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      A "netbook" is designed primarily for Internet use, and often has no
      internal memory drives (CD/DVD) and only has USB ports. The Netbook
      comes preloaded with the operating system, and any uodates have to come
      either by USB port or by internet download.

      Netbooks are usually smaller than conventional notebooks, because they
      do not have to have the drive installed.

      In the one I am using to write this, made by ACER, the screen
      size/resolution doesn't match the standards, so programs like Google
      earth do not scale correctly.

      Full support of Graphics normally seen on the net is installed, and I
      use graphics programs to work with graphics the same way i do on the
      desktop and notebook.

      WIFI is built in, and netbooks are designed to be portable, and
      connect to almost any network.
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