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8835Re: [NTO] javascript date notation

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  • derek_barnes@mail.com
    Aug 3, 2010
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      I know nothing about Java, but shouldn't this be "...uur=-12..." ??

      else if(uur >= 13){ap=" PM";uur-=12}



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      From: Adrien Verlee <adrien.verlee@...>
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      Sent: Mon, Aug 2, 2010 10:18 pm
      Subject: Re: [NTO] javascript date notation

      Op 2-aug-10, om 11:10 heeft Adrien Verlee het volgende geschreven:

      > I can change to 24, but counts are not properly after AM or PM.

      Oh! "key-script" is this:

      if(uur==0){ap=" AM";uur=12}
      else if(uur <= 11){ap=" AM"}
      else if(uur == 12){ap=" PM";uur=12}
      else if(uur >= 13){ap=" PM";uur-=12}
      if(min <= 9){min="0"+min}

      It must be logic, but can't see it.


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