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8760Re: [NTO] Can NoteTab Pro 6 Regular Expressions Change Windows-7 Shortcut Names?

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  • Alex Plantema
    Apr 3, 2010
      Op vrijdag 2 april 2010 19:53 schreef Harold:

      > Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) appends a " - Shortcut" string to the
      > end of every shortcut created, in addition to overlaying the shortcut
      > arrow icon in the lower left corner of the shortcut's icon. I've
      > been trying to use NoteTab Pro 6's Find & Replace box to remove this
      > string on "a selected folder and all its subfolders." I've not had
      > any success at this, because Find & Replace wants to operate on
      > documents instead of shortcuts.
      > Does anyone know of an approach to doing this with Regular
      > Expressions? At this point I don't think NoteTab Pro 6 can do this,
      > because it is internally structured to recognize only file contents,
      > and not file names, folder names, or shortcut names.

      First make a list of file names:
      dir /b > results.txt

      Then edit results.txt:
      find: ^(.*) - Results(.*)$
      replace with: ren "$0" "$1$2"
      with the Regular Exp. box checked.

      Save the result as a .bat file.

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