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8759Re: [NTO] Can NoteTab Pro 6 Regular Expressions Change Windows-7 Shortcut Names?

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  • Al
    Apr 3, 2010
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      Harold wrote:
      > All:
      > Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) appends a " - Shortcut" string to the end of every shortcut created, in addition to overlaying the shortcut arrow icon in the lower left corner of the shortcut's icon. I've been trying to use NoteTab Pro 6's Find & Replace box to remove this string on "a selected folder and all its subfolders."

      dir "* - Shortcut" > results.txt

      Without Notetab, the above command, have you tried it does it produce a
      text file containing names of shortcuts that you want renamed?

      If it does so and if Notetab clip lingo has a file move or rename
      command or function

      Then you could use Notetab, feed the names from results.txt into an
      array and rename them.

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