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8756Re: [NTO] Can NoteTab Pro 6 Regular Expressions Change Windows-7 Shortcut Names?

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  • Alec Burgess
    Apr 2, 2010
      Hi Harold: this came up either in this group or the clips group some
      time ago (approx July 2008).
      The program shortcut.exe - look for [Shortcut v1.11 (Shortcut.exe)] on

      Its a command line procedure that will either query contents of
      shortcuts or allow creating/modifying them.
      Usage consists of creating a batch file which defines how each link is
      to be written, what its target is also set arguments.

      This is overkill for what you want. Instead get one of the many (free)
      rename utilities.
      This one TheRename (available from
      http://www.softempire.com/the-rename.html ) will definitely do what you
      need. Just use a filter of *.lnk and setup parameters as required.

      Incidentally there is a registry tweak that will prevent the "shortcut
      to" being appended when shortcuts are initially created. I know it works
      in WinXp (via TweakUI) and presume its available in some fashion on Win-7

      On 2010-04-02 13:53, Harold wrote:
      > Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) appends a " - Shortcut" string to the
      > end of every shortcut created, in addition to overlaying the shortcut
      > arrow icon in the lower left corner of the shortcut's icon. I've been
      > trying to use NoteTab Pro 6's Find & Replace box to remove this string
      > on "a selected folder and all its subfolders." I've not had any
      > success at this, because Find & Replace wants to operate on documents
      > instead of shortcuts.
      > Does anyone know of an approach to doing this with Regular
      > Expressions? At this point I don't think NoteTab Pro 6 can do this,
      > because it is internally structured to recognize only file contents,
      > and not file names, folder names, or shortcut names.
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