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8717Re: [NTO] Double-Click Opens But Doesn't Play File

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  • Ray Shapp
    Mar 9, 2010
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      To All,

      I started this thread back in July of 2008. Axel tried to help me, but I never
      did resolve the issue. (I only partially understood his advice.)

      Restating the problem:

      When I double click a multi-media file such as AVI, WMV, MP4 etc, or when I
      right click on such a file and then click OPEN, Zoom Player launches but the
      audio or video file does not play. If I click the PLAY icon in Zoom Player, I
      get the "No media loaded" message. If I drag the AV file onto the Zoom Player
      application window, the music or video plays normally. IOW, no further action
      is required after dropping the file onto the Zoom Player application window.

      I only recently discovered another symptom that might give you a clue as to
      how to fix my problem. If I right-click the AV file then select SEND TO... and
      click Zoom Player, the application launches and the file plays normally.

      I doubt the problem is with missing or corrupt codecs, and file associations
      point all AV file types to Zoom Player. I have the same version of Zoom Player
      and the same codecs installed on two different PCs. The older PC (Dell 4550)
      launches and plays all media files normally. The newer PC (home brew) has the
      problem as described above.

      Both PCs run WinXP Pro SP3.

      Any advice or trouble-shooting ideas?

      Thank you.

      Ray Shapp
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