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8682Re: [NTO] deleted dmusic.sys by mistake - oops!

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  • edward
    Feb 20, 2010
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      Since ZA sold out they have become more trouble than their worth because of
      constant ads to upgrade to the paid version. I have the latest in Comodo and
      am well pleased with it. I use the Comodo Suite, it is free for personal
      use, business need to purchase if I am not mistaken
      Ed B
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      From: "Mick Housel" <motomania@...>
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      Sent: Saturday, February 20, 2010 3:55 PM
      Subject: Re: [NTO] deleted dmusic.sys by mistake - oops!

      > Most routers don't have a hardware firewall built in. They may be able
      > to block some ports through the router software but lower priced routers
      > don't have a built in firewall.
      > One of the best free software firewalls available was from the Comodo
      > folks. I'm not sure if they still have it or not but it was better than
      > most free ones. I know Zone Alarm is another popular choice but I've
      > seen issues on some systems that try to run ZA, just like many have
      > issues with Norton/Symantec. It all depends on the system details as
      > well as what's installed on the system.
      > Locking down outgoing ports through a firewall can help in the fact that
      > it might stop some type of infection from communicating with it's
      > "parent" outside.
      > Mick
      > loro wrote:
      >> Sheri wrote:
      >> > > BTW do know anything about this router firewall matter? I would
      >> > > like to run without a software firewall, but after this I don't
      >> > > know if I dare to.
      >> >
      >> >I believe a router firewall is only blocking uninvited inbound traffic.
      >> Yes, it's theats from the outside I'm asking about.
      >> > A software firewall probably doesn't see any unauthorized inbound
      >> > traffic if you have a router firewall in place.
      >> Mine did. Maybe that's a sign the router isn't configured properly, I
      >> don't know.
      >> Lotta
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